Meet the Team

Dai Woolridge

Storyteller, Spoken-Word Artist and Creative visionary for Spoken-Truth

Special Skill: I’m pretty good like at words and stuff

Spoken-Truth all started back in November 2012, when I had a go at a rhyming Christmas story to camera in a carpark. Then in 2013, I was blessed with a grant to set-up this website to build a platform for the spoken-truth resources.

Since then, Christmas Film ‘Joseph’ won the Nativity Factor in 2013 and ‘1135’ won ‘Best ministry video’ at the UK Christian Film Festival. It has been seen by millions on the Songs of Praise Remembrance episode in 2017. I am blessed to be working in partnership with Bible Society in producing further videos and I also have a great team who help make it all happen.

Andy Toovey

Filmmaker and Director of Photography

Special Skill – can make anything look good with a camera (even me!)

Andy’s been part of the set-up from word go. It was thanks to his visual creativity that helped make Christmas Chord what it is. I’m blessed to be working with such a gifted filmmaker and director of photography, and we continue to sharpen one another.

Abs Orr

Production Manager

Special Skill – Multi-tasker and logistical sorter extraordinaire

I’ve known Abs since she was knee high to a 14 year old grasshopper!Abs has been involved in Spoken-Truth for 4 years now and has been a big blessing with pre-production and on the day logistics. She has an eye for creativity, a heart to serve, a can do attitude and has been such a support. (Sometimes her hubbie Nate helps out too, which is a great 2 for 1 deal!)

Joe O’Hare

Sound engineer and editor

Special Skill – Can grow a glorious beard and once held a boom-mic for 6 days straight.

Joe has been a welcome addition to the team. On shooting days, he keeps moral high and sound crisp! Joe has since taken on the role of editing for Spoken-Truth too, and his versatility in the filmmaking process brings so much to the table.

Cath Woolridge

Epic wife and Spoken-Truth supporter

Special skill – she bleeds creative juices and when it comes to shopping, can spot a bargain from 600 paces.

Cath is such a big part of Spoken-Truth. She constantly encourages and challenges me to be better. She prods my imagination with creative ideas and often is the spark which sets the idea in motion. I’m very blessed to be married to such a creative, innovative storyteller.

Thank you

Along with the main team, I’m thankful to so many, including… Joy Watson, Mike Leach, Hannah John, Rach Mathias, Matt Richley, Lois Adams, Dai Hankey, Sammy Davies, Jonathan Thomas, Bob Hartman, Paul Woolley, Bible Society and all who watch, download, share and support Spoken-Truth.

It would not be what it is without you. Dai (Creative visionary of Spoken-Truth)