The Christmas Chord Video

This is a spoken word piece about the first Christmas story.

Dai Woolridge presenting Gospel Truth through Spoken Word


Thanks for clicking on my site. For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Dai Woolridge and I’ve come up with the concept of ‘Spoken Truth’; Gospel Truth through Spoken Word.

The heart behind ‘Spoken Truth’ is simple. To ‘speak’ what I believe to be ‘true’, and to speak it through the medium of ‘spoken word’. (Want to find out more about ‘Spoken Word’? This is my take on it.

On this site, you’ll find short films which are available to watch, share, download and be a resource. But the point isn’t you getting your ear talked off as I get up on my hobby horse, the point is to communicate a truth which far outranks any opinions that I may have.

My hope is that you will be engaged with the timeless truths of the Gospel; truths from the Bible, about Jesus and God’s rescue plan for the human race. The word ‘Gospel’ is a translation from the Greek and the root definition is ‘good news’. That’s the reason I want to share it – because it really is something worth sharing.

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Spoken | A past participle of speak; to say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling
Truth | exact, in accordance with fact or reality”