The Christmas Chord Video

This is a spoken word piece about the first Christmas story.

Dai Woolridge presenting Gospel Truth through Spoken Word

Hi, I’m Dai Woolridge. I’ve been doing ‘spoken word’ since before I knew what it was, and I’ve come up with the concept; ‘Spoken Truth’.


A bit about me… I’ve a spoken word poet, storyteller and author for children, teens, and grownups. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to write, perform and share my work for Songs of Praise, BBC Radio 2, the Welsh Rugby Union, Sky Sports and the British and Irish Lions (to name drop a few!). I lead a creative collective called ‘Sound of Wales‘ with my wife Cath, and am also creative specialist for Bible Society.


Other stuff… I won the ITV’s Nativity Factor for best Christmas story in 2013. I’m the Swansea Poetry Slam champion 2021, and was a finalist for the Outspoken Performance Poetry Award 2022. I’m also the venue host for the Spoken Word stage at Big Church Festival.


Books… I’ve published a few books – a collection of 21st century psalms called ‘Poetry in Motion’ (2010), a creative response to grief called ‘Prayers, Texts and Tears’ (2017), children’s book ‘God’s brilliantly big creation story‘, and a journey through the Bible in spoken word poetry ‘Six Beats One Story

I love how words can be used to tell a story and I love to share stories that I’m passionate about – from rugby to welsh culture, from the grief journey, to Jesus and what it says about him in scripture.

This is a shot of me in a field looking moody…

So what is Spoken Truth?

The heart behind ‘Spoken Truth’ is simple. To ‘speak’ what I believe to be ‘true’, through the medium of ‘spoken word’.  On this site, you’ll find short films which are available to watch, share, download and be a resource. My hope is that you will be engaged with the timeless truths from the Bible, and consider the protagonist of that story – Jesus.


Spoken | A past participle of speak; to say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling
Truth | exact, in accordance with fact or reality”