the journey of Jesus through water

Emerge – The journey of Jesus through water

A video for Easter or Baptism.

If we started playing a word association game with the word ‘Easter’, you could say ‘Egg’ or perhaps ‘Annual Leave’? It may take you a few goes before you say ‘Water’. But when we follow the story of Jesus we see that water plays a cameo role in the Gospels. From baptism to Jesus’ first miracle, or how about when he shushed a storm at sea?

This is the story of Jesus through the journey of water.
But because of the Easter weekend, Jesus’ story can become our story too.
I invite you to get immersed in the easter story
May you emerge changed.

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You can download this video to share in your church, school service or small group. It can also be used as part of a livestream or recorded service (over 20 minutes in length), but you are not permitted to upload it as a separate video on your socials.

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"Let me know how you've used this film and any feedback you have..."

− Dai Woolridge