A spoken word on Corinthians 13

Love || A spoken word on Corinthians 13

This is my take on a famous wedding reading.

What is Love? Is it the butterflies we get when we lock eyes with someone? Is it in the chemistry or comfortable silences? Is it a feeling, or is it a choice? Love is a word that gets banded around in all sorts of ways these days. I say I love my wife (which I do by the way!), but I also say I love Nutella (also true by the way!!); but they’re also intrinsically different.

Back in the 1st century, a church planter called Paul penned a letter to the church in Corinth, Greece. Chapter 13 of that letter, is one of the most read aloud verses in all of history. If you’ve ever attended a wedding ceremony, chances are you would’ve heard it. For Paul, love was so much more than a feeling – it was an expression, a choice and a way of life. Paul was highlighting love as a key character trait for a church community who lost sight of it, but dig a little deeper.  See, he wasn’t just expressing the perfect version of love which we strive to but fail to reach, he was signposting us to a perfect person – a divine, perfect love. A love that rescues to the point of a crown of thorns, a love that is good news for those who want it, and far greater than we dare to imagine.

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  • Written, performed and edited by Dai Woolridge
  • Filmed by Cath Woolridge

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− Dai Woolridge