My take on Spoken Word


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What is Spoken Word?

It’s like rap but not as gangster,
it’s like poetry with a dose of rap.
It plays with words like a lyrical prankster.

It’s like a story but the journey rhymnes.
It’s like stories that section similar syllables in lines,

spoken word is like rap but it’s trousers have a belt
and it’s like poetry with alloys, suspension and a really really pimped out timing belt.

Spoken word is rhythmic, varying degrees of quick, slick in changes, changes when it wants and wants to make you think.

Spoken word is word spoken – out loud, if it was spoken in a woods and no one was a around to hear it, it would make a sound.

It jumps off the page and locks on to your ear canal.
And it takes its pal, language for a spin and you don’t really know where it goes
But it stops somewhere between rap, poem, prose.

It pronounces, it proclaims and it announces
It’s weight in paper varies in pounds and ounces
It’s written words with a voice
And It’s letters, and I bet the better letters make words trend setters

And it’s your choice – the words you use
And it usually rhymnes with words like… ‘fuse’

Spoken word –
it’s like prose with a swagger
It likes rhythm like a poet likes recognition
Or like the 70’s liked Mick Jagger.

It plays with words like a cat plays with birds
It pounces on pace
It draws you in and then hits you in the face.

That’s a taste, in a word,
Or a few
Well that’s my way of describing spoken word
To you.”