Bible in 4 minutes

a spoken word animation through the Bible story

A beautiful Bible overview animation

In this little film, Dai invites you to encounter the Bible narrative in just 4 minutes, with a three-part harmony of storytelling – breathtaking animation, compelling sound design and a crafted piece of spoken word poetry.
‘How can you do the greatest story in history justice in just four minutes? You can’t! But may my take on it, inspire you to re-connect with the original and the author behind it.’ (Dai, author and narrator)

A special mention to Andy Toovey for creating this incredible animation to bring Dai’s words to life.

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A Spoken Truth and Bible Society film, produced and funded by Bible Society. This film is based on ‘The Bible in 4 minutes’ poem from ‘Six Beats One Story’, by Dai Woolridge.

  • Written and narrated by Dai Woolridge
  • Animation and sound design by Andy Toovey

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This film is free to watch and share on social media, and to download and share in schools or church carol services. You can use it online as part of your ministry context (e.g. in a church service), but you must not upload it separately to your own social media accounts.

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(If you would like to perform the spoken word yourself, we ask that you request permission here)

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"Let me know how you've used this film and any feedback you have..."

− Dai Woolridge