God's Brilliantly Big Creation Story

A spoken word animation from Dai's book

God’s Brilliantly Big Creation Story

A spoken word animation from Dai's book

Experience the wonder of creation and the power of God in this beautiful picture book retelling of Genesis 1 for ages 3 to 10. Full of rhythm and rhyme, God’s Brilliantly Big Creation Story takes children on an incredible journey through the days of creation to teach about the world and the universe we live in.

Featuring epic illustrations of the solar system and massive scenes from across the globe, children will be drawn in as they learn about the world and one of the most foundational stories of the Bible.

Written in an engaging, spoken word style, God’s Brilliant Big Creation Story is ideal for reading aloud to preschool aged children and for reading with children starting to learn to read. It’s also perfect for Sunday school teaching or for parents looking for a fun, fresh way to introduce children to the Christian faith.

Beautiful to look at and entertaining to read, this is a picture book to inspire awe and amazement in children for the world around them and the God who created it.

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You can download the video to share in your church, school service or small group. It can also be used as part of a livestream or recorded service (over 20 minutes in length), but you are not permitted to upload it as a separate video on your socials. The audio versions could be a great accompaniment as you read the book, and listen to the story!


Written and narrated by Dai Woolridge

Illustrated by Alex Foster

Animated by Matt Cooper

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"Let me know how you've used this film and any feedback you have..."

− Dai Woolridge