Storytelling four beats through the Bible


Storytelling four beats through the Bible

Eden – Storytelling four beats through the Bible
What springs to mind when you think of Eden? The freshest fruit and lushest leaves? A slippery snake, or a guy and a girl swapping their birthday suit for some fig leaves? Maybe you think of the separation, the ‘do not enter’ sign put up, when Adam and Eve didn’t choose God’s way.

Eden was a place where God strolled through the garden with us. And whilst it all went south, the Bible tells us of God’s restoration plan ever since, fulfilled through our Saviour Jesus, a promise of a fully restored relationship in an eternal new Eden creation – heaven and earth!

From creation to fall, redemption to new creation – this is the story of scripture in four phases.

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– A Spoken Truth film made by 2v Studios

– Written and performed by Dai Woolridge
– Director of Photography – Andy Toovey
– Sound and Edit – Joe O’Hare
– Production manager – Abs Orr

– Techie assistant extraordinaire – Nate Orr
– Filming Location – Victory Church, Cwmbran

– Images sourced from Pexels and unsplash.com

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"Let me know how you've used this film and any feedback you have..."

− Dai Woolridge