Good News

A 21st century twist on the Shepherds perspective

Good news: a two-part Christmas spoken word.

This Christmas, Dai Woolridge has put together a two-part film re-telling the nativity story from the shepherds’ perspective. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of the very first people in history to witness the arrival of the Messiah were a bunch of ‘rough around the edges’ shepherds. The shepherds had an encounter that turned out to be life-changing:

Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.’ (Luke 2.10–11).

This year’s ‘Spoken Truth’ film is a twenty-first-century twist on a first-century story.‘Jesus is good news for everybody and those who reach out to him get to be part of his family. May we be inspired by the shepherds in Luke 2.17–18, who couldn’t help but share this “good news for everybody” … with everybody. I hope you enjoy.’ (Dai)”

Watch Good News Part 1

Watch Good News Part 2


You can download this video to share in your church, school service or small group. It can also be used as part of a livestream or recorded service (over 20 minutes in length), but you are not permitted to upload it as a separate video on your socials.


  • Written and directed by Dai Woolridge
  • Spoken word performed by Dai Woolridge and Michael Barnes
  • Song sung by Jessie Dipper (lyrics adapted by Dai Woolridge)
  • Costume and Set design – Lois Adams
  • Director of Photography – Andy Toovey
  • Spoken word sound production – Joe O’Hare
  • Song recorded by Daniel Edwards, Long Row Audio
  • Post production – Dai Woolridge and Alex Baker


  • Jessie Dipper – busker
  • Luke Furmage – passer by
  • Jack, Charlotte and Nina Dunning – Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus

A Spoken Truth film produced by Bible Society

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"Let me know how you've used this film and any feedback you have..."

− Dai Woolridge