The Holy Office

The most unlikely of candidates

Who’s in Charge?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or cryogenically frozen, you won’t need me to tell you that 2016 has been a turnout for the history books.

Back in June we also saw a major upset in politics as Britain officially told the European Union that it wanted to see other people. Fast forward 6 months and we now know that the President Elect is that guy off the U.S apprentice.

Both results have sent ripples that will be felt on every continent on the face of the earth. It’s fair to say we haven’t entered into a new chapter, but a new book, in a new genre by a different author altogether.

And as Christmas jumpers prepare to make their annual cameo appearance and twiglets make a handsome December profit, it can be easy to be a little more despondent this Christmas in light of such uncertainty.

Whether you’re pro or anti Brexit, for Trump or just feel ‘trumped’, may we all remember that Christmas is about celebrating the most unlikely of candidates. And may we take comfort in the fact that He’s the one who’s in charge.

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